Information about face-to-face support

Alternatives Dundee Youth offer face to face listening support. Support lasts for up to 12 sessions, each lasting for 50 minutes.

How do I book an appointment?

  • Initial appointments can be made by phoning 01382 221112, texting 07594145618, emailing [email protected] or completing our contact form
  • A text message will be sent by your support worker to offer an appointment. You can respond to agree this with them.
  • If you need to cancel or are running late for a session, please inform your support worker by text message 24 hours in advance where possible.

How will the session work?

  • A text reminder will be sent to you a few hours before the session
  • If you do not attend the appointment on time, your support worker will wait for 20 minutes. After this time your support worker will send you a text message asking if you wish to reschedule for another appointment. If you do not respond to this your support worker will assume that you do not wish to be contacted again.

How confidential (private) are telephone appointments?

  • Alternatives face-to-face appointments are held in a secure, private space. This will either be in our counselling room at our city centre offices or will be in an agreed location in your local community. Alternatives do not offer face-to-face appointments at home.
  • Everything you say will remain confidential. This means we will not pass on any information about you to anyone else unless we think you are at risk of harm to yourself or another person.
  • No face-to-face sessions shall be recorded

What will happen if we are concerned about your safety?

  • Your support worker will ask if you would like to pass on an emergency contact number in case we are concerned about your safety, for example if you say something which makes us believe you are at risk of harm.
  • If your support worker remains concerned about your safety they must pass on this information to those who can help you, they would always try to talk to you about this first.

After an appointment

After an appointment it can feel like you are still caught up in the things you have talked about. It can be helpful to plan a ritual after which you will always follow after an appointment. This might be something like making a cup of tea, having a bath or a walk or listening to some music. Your support worker will help you with this.

Our rescue package page has some links to apps which can also be helpful after a session.


  • We are not an emergency service – all face-to-face appointments will be arranged to the availability of you and your support worker.
  • Agencies providing emergency support include

Samaritans: 116123

Breathing space: 0800 838587

Young Minds Crisis Messenger: 85258

Between session contact

You will only contact your support worker through text to arrange appointments. They will reply during working hours.


All our team members are trained to deliver face-to-face support. They are all supervised and will sometimes discuss cases with their supervisor but will not disclose any personal information.

What information about me do you keep ?- see privacy policy.

What if I something has gone wrong and I want to make a complaint? – see complaints policy