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Be Real. Be Heard. Be Valued.


Alternatives Dundee Youth share the same aims, values and office space as our adult service Alternatives Dundee. We are all one team but do a few different things. In 2016, Alternatives recognised the need for a youth service, which does the same work; however, offers a listening space for more general concerns around self esteem relationships and other worries. 

Alternatives Dundee Youth understand the importance of giving young people a safe space to explore feelings, to express ideas and find meaning and purpose.

Alternatives Dundee Youth began by offering support in the form of sex and relationships education for 12-25 year olds. However, the more young people we met, the more we realised that they were wanting a safe space to be heard and valued. Many are unsure about their lives and their emotions not through lack of information or education but through not having space to talk openly about the ‘stuff’ that has an impact on their lives. They told us that they often make decisions that are seen as risky not through lack of education but as a means of escape…a way of expressing unresolved feelings and exploring their identity.

The aim of our Youth Support is:

  • to improve self- esteem
  • to improve decision making skills
  • to develop resilience